All about the European Poker Tour 2018

playing european poker tourLast month the conclusion of the European Poker Tour was held which saw a number of great players leave with massive pay-days and a few new legends emerging as the days went on. Three events in particular stand out with some really interesting games to show for it.

The Super High-Roller event

One of the most interesting poker scenes currently active, the €100,000 Super High-Roller event attracted a number of talented players, but eventually ended up as yet another casualty of Mikita Badziakouski’s rampage of high-roller events. This recent win is just another victory in a long sequence of wins that the Belarusian has been behind lately.

Fresh off back to back wins in the Triton series, Badziakouski was facing off against strong competition from Iran’s Ahadpur Khangah and Austrian Matthias Eibinger, both starting with more chips. Nevertheless, he soon bested both of them and claimed yet another cash win. When asked about it, Badziakouski seems both aware of his current hotstreak and also reluctant to get an ego about it “It feels great to win my second high-roller of the year, I’ve been running pretty hot lately. I’ve just been lucky and that’s it.” Whether it’s luck or skill, Badziakouski is developing a reputation as perhaps one of the best players in the world right now. Only time will tell if his winning streak will continue.

The High-Roller event

The High-Roller event is a little bit more low-key with a lower buy in and a payday for the champion of €302,500. Much like the Super High-Roller, it was another star who’s on a hot streak who walked away the winner. Michael Soyza of Malaysia ended up beating Kai Lehto from Finland and PokerStars’ Liv Boeree of the UK for victory!

Soyza’s on a run of wins, he’s not even clear how many he’s won in recent weeks and this latest success is just another in a long line of victories. While the high-roller events were dominated by the existing big names, the Main Event was the exact opposite.

The Main Event

The Main Event was an intense showdown up until the point that the final four players all agreed to a deal – they’d split the pot in such a way that everyone would secure a sizeable pay-day but leave the cup, a platinum pass and a sizeable chunk of cash still to play for. Eventually this boiled down to two newcomers who previously hadn’t competed in a major tournament, both with wildly different personalities.

Haoxing Wang of China was cheery, upbeat and was the chip leader for a lot of the event while his opponent, Piotr Nurnzynski, was serious, emotionless and played with mechanical precision. Eventually the champion was declared as Nurnzynski’s pair of aces beat Wang’s pair of kings and saw the crowning of a new champion. Both received platinum passes though and it’s anyone’s guess where the two of them will go from here.

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